Monday 14 June 2010

Audax, du's and tri's ...

Completed my last training session today. Not my last training session ever, but my last for my planned trip from London to Geneva. Let's hope I have trained well enough to fly through France and beat the giants in Geneva!

Last week I took it relativley easy and cycled my bike on only four occasions and did not exceed more than 19 miles on any trip. This was a deliberate easy week, in preperation for the days ahead. Cayo got fitted with a new gear cable (whick looks slightly out of place as the outer cable is black and all other cables on bike are chrome) and I fitted new cleats to my shoes. Played around with the settings on my bike and now it feels better - I have raised the saddle and altered my cleats to bring my feet closer to the bike. Am hoping these new settings will help me transfer more power to the pedals and prevent any injury.

Have been recording all my training sessions since the start of the new year (this was because my sister Jane got me a day-by-day runners log calender for christmas). Thus far I have swam for 5 hours and 50 mins, have ran for 19 hours and 55 mins, have skipped for 27 mins and cycled a distance of 1,717 miles. I have completed 4 audax events, 1 duathlon and 1 triathlon. Suprisingly, have only had 1 menace fall from my bike.
France and Geneva, here I come!

Weekly totals (for last week): Cycled 67 miles.


  1. Good luck Doo! Looking forward to meeting up tomorrow!

    Wish I was going with you m8!
    I'll be chasing along behind you in spirit!
    Find the oldest bar in France!!


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