Friday 4 June 2010

Grr, groan and moan

Grr! Groans and moans indeed! Had big plans of training hard this week, but oh no, dodgey guts got in the way! My training has been really hampered this time round. Not to worry (I hope). Taken antibiotics as prescribed and plan to finish course and return to optimum health and higher level of fitness (?!).

Is not the end of the week yet and have managed to cycle twice. Ok, no major distance but going out and doing a little is better than doing nowt. My first trek took my road bike from work and back home. The second trek was on the specialized and took me from home to about 5 miles from work. At this point I heards a familiar sound ... ssss ... had punctured. Grr. Had a spare tube but that too was punctured. Had no patches and no pump - would never have made a decent scout. Managed to flag down an 'old boy' cyclist who kindly donated me a patch and some glue and after a few fiddly minutes was able to repair my punctured tube. Yay. Was able to inflate tube using the gas I remembered to carry. Job done. Jumped back on bike and finished my trek into work.
Don't feel brilliant of late. Am not overly happy with my poor cycling efforts. Quite disappointed with my non-happening swimming and running. Still think my knees are niggling at times - maybe it's in my head. Hmm. Grrr. Groan and moan. However, tomorrow I plan to complete an audax, namely 'The Silk Run', organised by the Black Sheep Cycling Club which is sure to put a smile on my chops and bump up my training a little.

'He's got the oil on his chain, for a ride in the rain, no baloney, ride around on my bicycle like a pony, I'm waving hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, g-g-g-gimme a scream, give me, give me the theme...'

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