Wednesday 4 August 2010

Mid-week menace!

This week started out so well. Took Cayo out for a nice trek. On return I noticed her front tyre had a little cut in it. Hmm, am sure she needs a new chain and casette too. And bar tape. And possibly new front chain rings. A service is booked this week. Let's hope her fate is not fatal!

Scotty didn't fare too well either. Last week I noticed (or heard) strange creaking sounds. Took her for a cross country spin today across naughty woods and past Studley castle. Just before the castle, Ron had to stop for an emergency (hahah), something to do with apricots... On the steep hill climb, Scotty's chain snapped. Ron thinks the creaking is ceased bearings and despite the fact we fixed the chain, it is somewhat shorter now. Poor Scotty is in need of a service to. Just hope she can be fixed up before the weekend and the pending off road challenge that is planned.

The Specialized is gathering dust at work too. She sits all alone in an empty office with a punctured front tube. They say bad luck comes in 3's. Hmm.

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