Sunday 29 August 2010

LEJOG day 2 The battle to Bristol

Early start again today. Woke up with painful legs. Waking up wasn't so harsh though because the Avery's cooked us up a neat porridge and provided us with tea and toast.

Once fuelled up we set off from Devon on what turned out to be a beautiful sunny morning. The first 10 miles or so were lovely - quiet undualting roads. We cycled as a group the whole day which was awesome. After these first 10 miles, my right knee played up big time and I dropped towards the back of the group. Reached our first stop after about 30 miles where the helpful Hannah provided us with tuna sarnies, and more importantly deep heat which helped my knee pain a great deal.
The next leg to lunch was not too bad and sure enough my knee felt a whole lot better (though still hurt on occasions). We reached a pub and ate more sarnies outside plus left over burgers and sausage from the night before. The pub was packed, but since it started raining a little we made our way indoors and treated ourselves to some tea.

After lunch we set off again and the weather had reverted back into sunshine. We formed a worm like chain and cycled until we reached our next stop. At this next stop I got talking to 2 old grannies who kindly donated further monies to our charity.

The last leg was pleasant too, we cycled through parts of Bristol and we passed signs to UWE, which reminded me of the days I was studying for my BSc in biomedical sciences. Is kinda nice travelling through towns and cities as there is so much stimulus to fill up one's head space. Before it was dark we reached our destination - Downend Christadelphian Hall in Bristol.

The Christadelphian community in Downend were awesome and allowed us to use their hall as a base for the night. To top that, they cooked us an awesome curry and bread and butter pudding too and even washed some of our clothes. Today was a special day for Ben Adams too - it was his birthday. We sang Ben happy birthday and Hannah got him a cake and made him blow out the candles. Some of us showered using a hose pipe and just before midnight we had all crashed out.
Cycled a distance of 94.78 miles today.

Weekly totals: Cycled a distance of 263 miles.


  1. chatting up old ladies....hmmm!....

  2. Hey Doo. Top tip I learnt on L2P - ibuprofen gel is a miralce cure for all knee pain. Ditch the Deep Heat and get a tube of ibuprofen to see you through to JOG!

  3. What happened on Monday/Today DOO!!!??


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