Monday 28 February 2011

The not-so-hard Yard route

After a long abscence from the exercise scene, I got back in the saddle and clocked a few miles. My bug lost the fight in the end, which was awesome, because it meant that I was on the mend. Training recommenced!

My first trip out was with Ron. Unexpectedly, we went out on our road bikes and starting cycling the '1 hour loop'. The lanes were wet and quite muddy in places so we took a short cut to avoid the ford in Coughton. I skirted around Studley village after I left Ron just to make sure that my first trip out clocked at least 15 miles. It was good to be back on the bike.

My second trip out was route 9, from the book 'Cycle Tours, 22 one-day routes Around Birmingham'. This route started from Yardley Wood train station, but I cycled to the official start from Studley via country lanes. This ride passed many ponds, lakes, canals and reservoirs. Initially the ride started well, following good roads and passing scenic places. The middle section was awfull and not suited for a road bike at all. The route took me down a 'No Through Road' (Hill Lane) which turned into a track at the bottom. This track was incredibly muddy and full of pot holes. This would have been great fun on a mountain bike. Following this muddy section it became a little hilly and between Gorcot Hill and Forhill the road surface was real bad - lots of clay and mud in places. It was funny that my route to the official start was re-ridden in many places after this middle section. From Kings Norton back to Yardley Wood train station the roads were all fine again. I repeated the route back to Beoley church before turning off and heading home again. I do not plan to do this route again on a road bike, but think it would make a good mountain bike trek. Plan to do this trek again using Scotty and starting in Weatheroak, just past Beoley Church. Will make this route my own and shall name it the 'Yard route'.
Like a good boy, I cleaned my road bike after she had been down all those dirty, muddy and wet country lanes. What a good job I did! Whilst cleaning her, I discovered that several of the spokes on the rear wheel were incredibly loose. Wheel was taken to Speeds Cycles and quickly fixed.

Had been using my Carradice zipped roll bag this week. I rate this bag. It only has a 2 litre capacity but is big enough to carry all I need and has room for more. It was made by some woman called Sue - so many thanks Sue! Have been using the bag as a handlebar bag but think I am going to attach it to the saddle instead.

No other exercise took place during the week. Well, I guess you could add my little jig at a Mogwai gig. Further to that, I did go to a galaxy far, far away ....

Weekly Totals: Cycled 70 miles.

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