Sunday 4 September 2011

Post PBP blues

A strange feeling I have now that the 2011 PBP has finished. Well, it's only sort of finished really - I have to wait a while for the results to be validated and the DVD and medal (with my time engraved on the back) to be sent out. Most nights I have continued to dream about the PBP. Have been reading other folk's blogs too - they informed that I cycled 767 miles, climbed 40,100 feet, conquered a 20.7% maximum gradient and informed I was 1 of 65 different nationalities taking part.
'So what next?', 'How do you feel now?', 'What would you do differently, if you were to cycle PBP again?', 'Are you going to cycle the PBP again?' are common questions that folk have asked me. I will answer them here.
I will most probably not cycle the PBP again (sorry Ron). I figured, you only have to complete this event once to get your medal. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed training and qualifying for the PBP 2011 but the actual experience itself despite being awesome, was painful and demanding. At time of writing this entry, it is 10 days post PBP and I still have a pins and needles type feeling in some of my fingers and my butt is still painful. My poor backside blistered. It is easy to say what I would do differently if I were to cycle the PBP again - invest in a better saddle and acquire carbon bars (or at least apply double bar tape and/or get better quality padded gloves). In addition to that, I would arm myself with more batteries for lighting and probably sleep more.
'So what next?'. Well, I have a few ideas pencilled in. SJ wants to enter a gruelling off road run event, military style in October. This sounds like fun and I think I'll join her. Chris Orange likes the idea of a cycle trip to and around the Isle of Wight. This sounds like fun and I think I'll join him. The LEL (London - Edingburgh - London) 1400k ultra long distance cycling event is being held in 2013. This sounds like hell, maybe I'll have a crack (and possibly aim to complete an SR series in 2012 and a double SR series in 2013 as part of my training). Have been off my bike too long now, maybe next week I will complete a 200k perm.
Before the week was finished, SJ and I took our bikes out. We cycled the Deer Route. It felt nice for my legs to pedal again and my bum wasn't too sore either!

Weekly totals: Cycled 15 miles.

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