Sunday 25 September 2011

Of frogs and dogs

Relatively easy week on the training front. Have not pushed myself at all. I think this is because I have no big event ahead of me and, well, I must be getting old as I am feeling more aches and pains.

Cycled at the start of the week with Ron and Sarah M. This was a real wet night and dark too. My Ay-Up lights were put too work but I only took the 1 set out (ie the helmet mounted one) and missed the other set (ie the bar mounted one). We cycled the Reed route, that is the Deer route, but in reverse. We also added a section at the start and went down the Woods of Doom. Whilst on the roads, I felt I was playing 'frogger'. The rain had made all these frogs take on a mass exodus and avoiding them required some skill. Sadly some frogs hadn't learned the 'green cross toad'...
Have added links to Charities on this blog site that you guys have helped me support. To date monies have been raised for Agape in Action, Christadelphian Meal a Day, Help4Happy's, BHF and St Basils. My work buddy 'Kerry', is looking into a charity we can support before the year is out. She is thinking of supporting the RNIB. If anyone has a project in need of support, please send information. Once again, thanks to all those who have supported me (and the aforementioned charities). The picture below was a card from one such person who offered support.
Over the weekend, SJ and I took 'the dog' out. Indeed, we took Cody to Dovedale. We scrambled, walked and trekked for about 6 miles and saw some fantastic views, caves, rock sculptures, wild life, hills, etc. We have re-named the place 'Lovedale', as we climbed stairs up to 'Lovers Leap' and because we were 'loved up'. Additional walks to and around Arbor Low and the Nine Ladies stone circles were accomplished on Saturday too. SJ and I climbed the Cork Stone also and we found this other random rock too. Such adventurers we are! Touche, away!
Weekly totals: Cycled 15 miles. 

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