Tuesday 14 May 2013

Stranger 14:05:13

Contrary to my blog post yesterday, Geoff actually did publish the photo he took of me! I sent him a link to my blog and he replied to me by email stating 'Hello Tim, if you could only have been a short while later!  How do I convince you that your picture was already on line and awaiting a few lines of text and the close of today? Every so often it happens that I get a good day followed by a pretty dire day. Today has been a pretty dire day on many levels, but I had already decided your pic was going to be included and the order was simply in which I had taken them'.
Geoff informed me that he had even sat down and mapped out my likely cycle route and even got it pretty accurate. Amazing! This was the actual route I cycled:
I'm real pleased I met Geoff. He informed me that the horse I photographed yesterday was not the Marlborough White Horse at all, it was the Hackpen White Horse. Apparently the Marlborough White Horse can be found by locating the college fields near town, as it is at the back of there. In addition, Geoff informed that If I had stayed on the A4 and gone up the Avenue, I would have seen Silbury Hill over the next rise. Cheers Geoff! 
I would like to conclude this blog with another quote from Geoff - 'Although it's true I prefer ladies in general, you will see from my site there are a fair number of men, both pretty and knarled!' Check out Geoff's awesome site here: www.365strangers.co.uk

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