Sunday 9 March 2014

Sunshine haze and happy duathlon daze

This week started well. On Monday, SJ and I ran the Studley triangle together. As nice as this run was, it was also kinda sad. We figured this would probably be the last time we run together for a while because my folks are visiting my siblings overseas and won't be able to babysit Lunar at short notice.

Mid-week was my first duathlon day. For the first time in goodness-knows-when, I managed to both cycle and run (and in that order too) on the self same day. I was getting withdrawal symptoms from not riding my bike but all felt good again as I sped along my TTT 20 route. Once home, I changed into my running gear and ran the Studley triangle. I pushed myself on this run just because SJ made comments about us both being competitive with one another. About half way round the route, I saw SJ (and baby Lunar) in the car which provided further encouragement. I completed the run in good time, with an average pace of 5:11/km which is my fastest pace this year. A little later SJ sent me the picture below, I wonder what she was trying to tell me?!
My next duathlon day was on Friday. Friday was such a beautiful day - the sun was shining, birds were singing and it truly felt like Spring had arrived. SJ suggested I take Cody out for a run with me and I thought 'why not?". So, Cody and I started to run over the fields in Studley on what I call the 'Handlebar Run'. Only problem was, Cody - my four legged friend, kept stopping for a sniff here and a sniff there. Despite the weather being glorious, the fields were not - they were still very wet. In places Cody just refused to run because stretches of our route were submerged in water. This was a wet, muddy and painfully slow 5k run. I won't be taking Cody out for a re-run in a hurry! The cycle was much better. In fact, for the first time this year I was not wearing my winter shoes! Nice, warm sunny weather took me to Evesham, where I picked up the 'Snowdrop' route and cycled as far as the Jimney Ring before heading home again. Such a lovely route with one tough hill for my single-speed to battle. I think I will repeat this route and have named it the 'No snow mojo' because it wasn't quite the Snowdrop and certainly helped me get my mojo back!

Last adventure of the week was a lap around my stolen BG SR 1 route. This is probably my favourite stolen route. Again the weather was superb, a lovely Spring like day. For the first time this year I was wearing shorts without leggings and no jacket! May this lovely weather continue!

Managed to cycle 134k this week which brought my yearly distance up to 1,327k. My cycling is way down on last years figures but at least I was still able to get out and spin my legs. Pleased with my running figures - managed to cover 16.3k with my two feet. Have now ran 69.9k this year. Happy daze!

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