Sunday 16 March 2014

Badger, badger, badger, badger,badger, badger, badger,badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom!

Had a week of annual leave. A time to play hard and forget about work. Or so I thought...

Things started well. First adventure of the week was a blast around the LemonAid route. This was a nice nights cycling with Ron and could-you-believe it, Aid. Aid said he had been reading my blog and my taunts of 'Southern Fairy' had given him the motivation he required. Will use this blog for many more taunts and jibes I think. Ron and Aid were out using their 29er's. I was the odd one out (nothing unusual about that) and was using 'Queenie' my single-speed MTB. On route, we thought we were being followed by a helicopter. It turned out the helicopter was searching for (and found) a mental health patient who had escaped incarceration and subsequently electrocuted himself after climbing a pole. What an electrifying adventure!

Second adventure was a blast around the 'Stroud 5 Valleys' audax. This was a permanent event that I have ridden so many times now. Quite a hilly affair too.
Stroud 5 Valleys 50 GPX track log
Quite a hilly affair, scoring a single AAA point
Am not going to write loads about this event as I have blogged each of the several times ridden before. Today's ride was ridden on a nice Spring day and I used 'Scotty' my MTB for this adventure. Am real pleased I was not on the bicycle pictured below.
Random bicycle at the Painswick control
Most bizarre thing about my trip was cycling past a badger on a bicycle. Yup, you heard me right. Mr Badger on his bicycle!
Badger on a bicycle
My week had started so well, but by midweek, things had taken a turn for the worst. Work related issues put pay to my play. I had hoped to cycle each of my four bikes in daily succession but this was looking likely not to be. Instead, I was glued to a computer screen researching preventative suicide strategies.

Lin came over Thursday which was nice. Especially as SJ and I now had a baby-sitter and a chance to run together. We both ran the Studley triangle route which was great.

Friday was given over to work related nonsense. Argh, why does work always get in the way of fun. Grrr, the sun was out too.

SJ went for an early morning run on Saturday around the Studley triangle again. Once she got home, I felt inspired to do the same. I ran my fastest this year, running the Studley triangle at an average pace of  5:03/km. Strangely, I didn't push myself like I had done the previous week but still had a quicker time and faster pace. Perhaps my Garmin Forerunner had gone wonky?! Ha! Saturday turned out to be a 'duathlon' day for me as I took my road bike 'Slinky' out too. Earlswood lakes was where I cycled to and back. The main purpose of this trip was to test my new Exposure Revo MK1 dynamo light out. The light worked a treat and has the added bonus of being able to charge my Garmin. Shame I tested light in the daylight though. D'oh!
This picture was on the wall at my Sunday Service
Sunday arrived and woo hoo! - I managed a quick cheeky spin in the evening. This final spin was using 'Kay O' my single-speed (conversion) road bike. Was so chuffed I used each of my 4 machines this week, what a feat! My last ride was a quick trek up to the Jimney Ring and back via an alternate route. Am thinking of 'stealing' more Strava user routes if the weather stays fine.

Managed to cycle a total distance of 144k this week. My total cycling distance this year now stands at 1,473k. Am pleased I have kept my running going too. Have ran 80k this year. Wow!

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