Saturday 15 November 2014

No cycling/Arrivee/Recognition

I knew this was going to be a naff week on the cycling front. My work commute was out as I was on a 5 day study course in Birmingham. The venue for this course had no shower facilities so cycling to and from here was out. Felt miserable as early as Tuesday and I had not cycled any miles and the withdrawal symptoms were kicking in - irritability, low mood and occasional hostility. In a bid to cheer me up, Strava sent my some data detailing my achievements thus far in 2014.
By midweek my withdrawal symptoms had gotten worse. Remedy was quickly found once I discovered that my latest copy of Arrivee magazine had arrived in the post. Better yet, me and my buddy Chris (well, half of him) featured in said magazine.
Arrivee No. 126 2014, Tim at Front, Chris on Right
On the photo above, Chris and I were cycling the Windsor-Chester-Windsor 600k event. You'll notice we were both wearing cycling caps.  This point was made because back in 2011 (when I cycled PBP) Chris et al gave me much grief for wearing a cap. Cap wearing is a common feature among my friends now. This point can be demonstrated in the photo below - Jamie and Andy as seen in the same edition of Arrivee. Nowadays, some folk are giving me grief for wearing sandals...
Arrivee No. 126 2014, (L-R) Andy, ?, Becky and Jamie
Our friend Becky also rode on the event pictured above - the Venetian Nights 200k. Jamie and Andy featured again in the same magazine for cycling an awesome 300k Standing Stones event. So cool that my friends and I were all featured. Except Ron. Ha! However, Ron did have a claim to fame when he was featured back in 2010.
Arrivee No. 110 2010
Friday was a better day. My course finished early. This meant I had time to fit a quick ride in. Took my single-speed road bike out for a quick blast and felt much better for doing so.
Saturday was cool too. Lunar woke up and demanded to be put in her cycling gear and then kept repeating 'bike'. Only one thing for it, I just had to take her out for a quick 10k jolly! If that wasn't cool enough - the organiser from the Arrow Event completed earlier in the year (last season now) must have got wind of my earlier withdrawal symptoms. Indeed, 'my' team (that is my good self, Chris, Ron, Jamie and Andy) had brevet cards all returned along with a tacky but funky French flavoured certificate for completing said Arrow!

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