Saturday 20 June 2015

Holibobs over..

With my holibobs over, training resumed again on Tuesday. Am training for 2 up coming events, the Isoman Triathlon (1/4 distance) on 18 July 2015 and the Heart of England Forest Marathon on 3 October 2015. Info on the triathlon can be found here and info regarding the marathon here.

Tuesday was a 'double-whammy' training day. For starters, I ran my 10k 'Run 2' route into work. This run felt hard, maybe because my back pack was more full than usual. For finishers (ha!) I went OW swimming in Ragley Lake and managed 3 x 750m laps. I think that's the furthest OW swim I have swam to date and that equates to about 1.4 miles.
Wednesday was a cycling day. Usual commute into work and back. The lights in Edgbaston Tunnel were not working and I bashed my bars into the side of the railings which caused much bleeding to my middle finger.

Thursday was a hard run. I ran a 10k route interval style. I warmed up for 10 minutes; ran 4 x (3 mins fast then 3 mins easy); cooled-down to finish.
Pace graph for Thursday's 10k run
Friday was another cycling day. Usual work and back commute. This time I suffered no injury!
Long run 16.6k 
Saturday was long run day! I managed to run 16.6k (a little over 10 miles) on a grim drizzly day. I had to stop at the hospital for an emergency poo. This day was SJ's birthday, so the day could only get better! Happy birthday SJ!! xx

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