Sunday 15 January 2017

Not The Tempest

This week started with a 8k run up the Slough and back. Am liking my new Aftershokz Bluez 2 headphones but really need to work on the playlist settings on my TomTom watch. I was repeating tracks on this run and on my last run was having to suffer nursery rhymes. Am sure I'll get it sorted real soon.

Midweek saw me complete 2 activities in the same day - woo hoo, that was a first for this year! My first activity was a run. I completed the same run as Monday, only this time had my playlist sorted, was running in daylight and boy was it windy!
My second activity was cycling. I had set up my turbo trainer at last in my 'bike room' and got aboard Slinky (road bike) for the first time this year. Man, this session was tough. Could not believe how unfit I was - I had plans to power along at a high heart rate but just pedalling was tough enough. 35 minutes later and I was whacked! My kids were watching and asked SJ 'where's Daddy going?' Trust me, I didn't get anywhere very fast!
Friday came and I awoke to a layer of snow covering the roads. This snow excited my girls but put a stop to my plans of cycling the Wiggle Tempest. The snow didn't prevent me from going out full stop though, I cycled an on/off-road route to HMP Long Lartin and back. Boy, it was cold and windy!
Once home, I cycled a little more. Cycling indoors of course. Just a quick 30 minutes on the turbo trainer in an easy manner. Was tempted to run, but lazyitis got the better of me.

Sunday saw me complete my training for the week. Just a quick 30 min cycle on the turbo trainer keeping a cadence of 100+ rpm. No reason for cycling at this cadence, just saw a dude do the same on Strava so thought I'd copy since I have no plans of my own.

My friends are all planning adventure's and goals this year and some are considering LEL. I am not planning anything but would like to train towards something. I looked back on my LEL, PBP, TNR and IronMan adventures and feel like I should be doing something. Am feeling fat and unfit at present time and my total training time this week was only just over 5 hours. Argh man, I miss my commute.

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