Friday, 11 December 2009


Did not do any cycling today. Did not run or swim either. Struggled to take poor Cody for a walk. Am sure we all get days like these, especially when one may be hungover... Did manage to equip my road bike with it's new Continental Ultragator skin tyre though, which looks awfully swish! Hope my bike performs well tomorrow - Ron is taking me on his 'TROAD' route. The Troad route is otherwise known as The Route Of Absolute Doom! Hmm. Can feel the fear setting in. It will be a week tomorrow till I (hopefully) do my first sportive and was looking at the event website. This was a bad idea, it increased my fear by stating that the route includes the infamous 'Ankerdine' hill. My research found a blog entry which stated ''Ankerdine is properly steep, with an average gradient of 17%''. The Beacon Roads Cycling Club had this to say "Ankerdine Hill ... asks a great deal of a racer's physical and mental strength. Climbing it ... is demanding at any time". Earlier this year I climbed a 16% gradient during my LEJOG challenge, so maybe I'll try and take some solace in that.
My Dear, the fear, is here...

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