Tuesday, 15 December 2009

10/10 for Ay-Up!

Ron sent me a link yesterday to mbr.co.uk and more specifically to a grouptest on off-road lights. I was convinced earlier in the year that Ay-Up's were the best and followed after Jon, Ron and Stu by equipping my bike with the same. It was a good choice, as confirmed by the mbr review where they scored 10/10!

Feeling quite proud, Jon, Ron and I did a lap of the Deer route with our Ay-Up lights shining oh so bright.

The weather today was awfull - wet and overcast. I completed another lap of the Deer route - and so appropriately named, as I saw 3 deers run out in front of me in Sambourne! This may be my last cycle until the weekend, as I have to return to work (after having 8 weeks off) tomorrow. Saturday is my next day off - the day of the much anticipated mini sportive...

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