Friday 27 May 2011

Goodbye GB, hello SA

I would like to start this blog entry with a copy and paste from my sister Jane's blog: ''Once home, I thought I ought to see if I could maintain my sit -ups number from Saturday (112)....and failed miserably!! In fact, I tried to see if I could do more yesterday (Sunday) and my stomach muscles said NO!! -I only managed was a mere's agony if I cough or sneeze, but at least I know they are doing something to the muscles!! The funny thing is....I was talking to SarahJane last night, and their Personal Trainer - Chris PT - is making them do proper sit-ups where they have to sit all the way up, that's why my brother Tim is struggling to do more than 10 at a time - heehee - but, I'm doing what the website says, and if they say 'abdo crunch or curl to 38 degrees, no more', then I'm sticking with it...I just don't think I'll tell Tim just yet........''. Need I comment?! Pah!

Began the week by attempting to do more sit-ups than Jane thought possible. SJ likes to do her sit-ups with me - I think this is because she always has a higher max out number than me in our exhaustion tests. The exhaustion test is the highest number of sit-ups we can perform after doing so many sets before hand. Allow me to explain further. During this workout we performed 21 sit-ups (set 1), 27 sit-ups (set 2), 21 sit-ups (sets 3 and 4) with a 60 second gap between sets. On set 5 we have to max out, but complete at least 30. I maxed out on 31 and SJ on 40. We were following a workout which can be found at I think I am going to adapt the workout from now on though as it is seriously killing me...

Tuesday was a great day. I finally got my teeth sorted! After so many years, I finally have implanted teeth (final version). Yup, I have a shiny smooth porcelain smile. These teeth are so amazing, it's hard to tell them apart from the rest of my thunder choppers. For those that don't remember, I lost my 3 front teeth following a mtb accident some years back. Check out the before and after pics! I have a lot to smile about now! Following this major surgery, SJ was pushing me to go for a run. I had paralysis of will, but SJ got her way. We took Cody to Tardebigge canal and off we ran. It was my turn to push SJ now! We were running into a headwind and it was really hot. Was a great run though, we ran past lots of ducklings and I nearly fell in as I tried to prevent Cody from having a sniff. Cody almost did a kamikaze jump off the lock too. Both these girls are so much trouble ...
Wednesday was spent indoor on the rollers. I have not been using these rollers for a while and forgot how tiring (and boring) they are. Tried to lose myself in the music from my mp3 player and I think the Chemical Brothers helped with that.

Thursday was supposed to be spent with Chris PT but luckily the weather put pay to that! It was such a wet and windy day that we had to reschedule. So horrid was the weather, that when my buddy Chris O turned up, he looked like a drowned rat! Chris is off cycling (motor style) in the Isle of Man. Despite it being the eve of Chris's birthday, he brought me a present - a particularly awesome cycling sign as shown in the pic at the start of this blog entry. Thanks Chris and happy birthday mate!

Friday was the last day spent doing any type of exercise for the week. SJ pushed me to do more sit-ups. I could only manage a max out of 30. SJ, on the other hand, beat me by just a few, well ok, by 70 more than me! Unbelievable!

The weekend will see me travel to Africa with SJ and my sisters Kim and Jane. We will be spending time at a disabled orphanage, as volunteers, in Durban. This is the 'Happy's' project. Some might remember sponsoring me last year to raise funds for this project during my second LEJOG trip. Over £8,000 was raised and purchased a whole bunch of wheelchairs. I will try and blog a little during my visit and hope to exercise just a little while I'm out there. On my return training for the PBP will start.

Weekly totals: Cycled 20 miles; Ran for 30 mins.

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