Sunday 22 May 2011

Wham, bam, need to make a new plan

This week turned out to be a 'rest' week. A lazy week indeed. Little was done it terms of exercise, but I guess a good recovery from last weeks 600k cycle event was warranted.
The bike saw no tarmac at all. The rollers are getting dusty. My mountain bike had been redundant too. I had plans of cycling the Cotswold Challenge, a 158k audax event starting from Meriden, but decided to spend my time with SJ instead. This event scored no AUK or AAA points anyway. It is important to rest and they suggest a days rest for each 100k cycled in an event. I guess concerns regarding keeping my form are what are bothering me. I have a place in the Paris - Brest - Paris (PBP) 1200k cycle event in August and am aware much training is required. I have trained a lot in just cycling the qualifying events (a 200k, 300k, 400k and 600k audax event all completed this season) but am aware training must continue. The PBP is only about 12 weeks away and from next Saturday I take a break from training for about 3 weeks as I will be going to Africa to offer my services as a volunteer at a disabled orphanage project (will blog more about this later). I guess I'll worry about PBP more on my return. I will be riding for Great Britain (of course) and my number is GB -3727.

In terms of other bike news, I have a few things to report. Took Cayo to get her gear cable fixed, this cost a more reasonable £3.50 from Speeds. Have ordered a new rear light as my previous Blackburn one proved useless - water got into it and it stopped working. Ron is away in Spain cycling big mountains on his mountain bike, well wishes for him.

Did not run this week. Well, ran a little in a PT session if that counts. SJ and I had a session with Chris PT where he worked us real hard. Both SJ and I are still suffering a little from that last session. I cheated a little and did not sprint on any of the shuttles (shh!). We did the usual mix of a variety of exercises including weights, running, sit-ups and my favourite - boxing! Over and above that, no further exercise took place except an exhaustion test on our sit-ups. I managed to score 48 sit-ups and SJ 56. My sister Jane text me and said she can do 112 - I don't think she's doing them right and I plan to find out and print her results here!


  1. Oi mister! I am doing the sit ups properly! I went on the "200 hundred" website for their description of how they did them....and did 112...SO THERE!!! xx

  2. PBP 1200k....over what timescale?

  3. Hi Clive, will have 90 hours to do 1200k


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