Monday 9 May 2011

The Lumpy Scrumpy 100 (110k audax)

After the hard work of last weekend, that was the Brevet Cyrmu, Monday was spent resting. Following said event, most of Sunday was spent resting too. I should do these events more often, I say this because SJ pampered me big time following that audax. These audax events certainly play havoc with one's head space though. In my previous blog entry I reported that I went to two different controls, both called 'The West End Cafe' - it turns out it was the very same cafe both times. Hahaha. This was pointed out to me via a cycling forum.

Took Cayo (the road bike) to get a service on Tuesday. To my amazement only the chain and rear brake pads needed replacing - still cost a total of about £75 though...  Despite aching legs and sore bum, took Scotty out with Ron for an 'easy pedal'. This easy pedal was the usual Deer route with the addition of a hill (the one that leads to the cart that is no longer there?!).

Wednesday and Thursday was spent training with SJ. On the one day we continued with our sit-ups - I maxed out on 23 and I think SJ completed 60 plus or something! The other day was spent running. We did a shorter than normal run and felt more pooped than normal too. SJ was playing with her new heart rate monitor that I got for her but it was playing up a wee bit.

Friday was spent resting and Saturday saw me complete The Lumpy Scrumpy 100 audax. The start of this event was awful as the heavens had opened and it was wet big time. On the plus side I was able to test my new Gore Oxygene IV jacket. I also chose to kit myself out with my over-shoes. Despite the miserable conditions, a good number turned out to this event including 'the hag' and her husband. I shall no longer refer to Mary as 'the hag' as she is quite lovely really and I often meet her at events and she is nice to chat with. From now on I will refer to her as Mary H. As usual, Mary H was wearing sandals.

The audax event started in Parkend, Forest of Dean and was considered a 'challenging ride'. In all honesty, I expected the event to be hard and hilly (it did score 1.75 AAA points) but found it relatively easy. The first stage (of which there were only 2) only proved difficult on the narrow lanes. The hills were not too strenuous but triffids tried to take me off my bike as I cycled the said lanes. These plants were seriously over grown and sticking out the hedges. My Gore jacket was excellent and my over-shoes were not! Top half dry, feet wet (but warm). Caught up and cycled with Graham from Cirencester to the control. Graham was a nice fella that I cycled a Pickwick 200 event with earlier in the year. Ordered beans on toast at control and a mug of tea. Tea was in a jug that had to be divided between 3 folk (we were not all together) and the beans on toast was only a single piece of bread with a few beans.
The whole of stage 2 was cycled as a double act with Graham. The sun had come out for this stage and it was very hot. My feet were baking and I guess I should have removed the over-shoes. Again, not a difficult stage and this whole event was easily completed on a compact chainset. Felt cheated really, had cycled to Malvern Hills and Forest of Dean and did not experience any major tough climbs. Maybe this event just felt easy compared to last weeks 400 ?! With this event completed I have now made the AAA roll of honour for this season.

During audax I cycled a total distance of 69.23 miles at an average speed of 16.2 mph and a max speed of 35.6 mph.

Sunday saw me complete another exhaustion test for my sit-ups. I completed these sit-ups at work with Zalika. I maxed out on 45 and Zalika on 20. SJ was contacted, she only beat me by 15 and maxed out on 60.

Weekly totals: Cycled 86 miles; Ran for 24 mins.

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