Sunday 16 August 2015

Speak only if you can improve upon the silence.

Monday: Duathlon day. Brick style. 27k bike followed by a 2.5k run.

Tuesday: Run commute. Followed the number 5 cycle route (mostly) as opposed to my usual canal run. 10k.

Wednesday: Rest.

Thursday: Run commute. Interval style. Followed the formula 10 mins warm up; 5 x 1k Run (with 400m recovery); cool down to finish. 10k.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Long run. In fact, I think this was the furthest I had ever ran, ever! Just 10 miles off marathon distance. My run started at Edstone Aqueduct which just happens to be the longest aqueduct in England.
Having not run this route before, I had little idea of what was in store. I figured the tow path might lead to Stratford at which point I guessed I would turn back if I got there. Stratford was like less than 10k away, so once there I continued to run. Eventually I joined the Greenway and ran a length of that. The picture below marks the half-way point of my run, where I essentially turned around and ran back the way I came.
The Greenway
Didn't run across this bridge but I plan to one time...
As can be seen by my following pictures, I ran along tow path, up steps, down steps, across fields, on tarmac, on grass, on trail, under tunnel, across bridge, up hill, down hill... A mixed bag really. All in all, a great run.
I followed SJ's advice and ran pretty slow. It took me 3 hours and 17 minutes to run this 26k (16 mile) trek. Good news was I achieved it and despite being in a little pain, did not feel crippled or injured. Was a great idea taking my camera with me, perhaps I'll do that again on future long runs.
Long run (16 miles)
Sunday: Day of rest!

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