Saturday 29 August 2015

Love is better than knowledge

Not entirely sure what it was, but, following an open water swim I sometimes get a real achey pain in my calves. I don’t think it’s because I have pulled or stretched the muscles (maybe?) but think it’s the after effects of cramp?! Anyone know for sure? Anyways, sure enough my calves were achey breaky big time on Monday. This didn’t stop me from doing a run commute though. I ran 10k interval style following the formula 10 mins warm up; 4 x 1.6k run (with 400m recovery); cool down to finish. My calves were ok during the run, but again were achey breaky following it.

My achey calves stopped me from cycling on Tuesday though.

My achey calves stopped me running on Wednesday too.

Stress stopped me from running on Thursday.

Life prevented me from running on Friday.

On Saturday, I completed my longest run to date. Kinda. Probably wasn't in my best form to tackle such a challenge - what with my sore threat, tired head, lack of sleep and man stress over the past few days. Anyways, I took myself to Edstone Aqueduct (just like my previous long run) and ran along the tow path (in the opposite direction to my last long run). I headed out slow and just ran and ran, on and on, and on. I ran until I covered half my planned distance. I ran 9 miles. Stopped to take a photo and started to run back.

Half-way. Not exactly sure where I was.
Ah, ok, my Strava app showed that half-way was half-way between Kingswood and Hockley Heath.
The whole route was tow path and it started well. The weather was fine - maybe a bit too warm. Post run, I could see the sun had touched me but thankfully I had not burnt. I figured the return run would be easier, being down hill and all, but this was not the case.
Hilliness profile of my route
My first niggle occurred around the 20k mark. Not really sure what was going on but my legs were starting to feel tired and heavy. I tried to distract myself and took some photo's here and there which worked for a while. The next 3k were no real bother.
Imagine living here!
Bet my kiddy-winks would like a play house like this
I must have been suffering because I never noticed the figure in the pics above on my run out and on my return thought it was a real living person until I got much nearer. D'oh! Quite funky I thought.

At 24k I was really hurting. My calf muscles had seized up and running was painful. I walked a little and then remembered a young person with cerebral palsy crossing a finish line. This thought helped me carry on. Carry on until the 26k mark, that was.

Signs and means telling me to stop
Like a big girls blouse, I phoned SJ and moaned and groaned. I told her I was suffering and would have to walk the last 3k back. She offered to pick me up but there was no way my pride would allow that! I walked and ran and walked and ran these following few k and just when I though things couldn't get worse, they did.
Passed this somewhere on route
As I was running along the tow path, a tree branch reached down and grabbed my cap. I swear I heard the birds chuckle as the tree whipped the cap from my head and tossed into the canal. I managed to retrieve my cap but it stunk of pond weed and wasn't going back on my head. Grr. Grumpy, I continued my run and walk strategy.
How pleased I was when Edstone aqueduct came into view. I reckon that was the best thing my eyes had seen all day. Ha! Pleased my 18 mile run was done and dusted!

Am pretty sure Sunday will be a day of rest!

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