Sunday 27 November 2016

Shock shock horror horror pink pink

Rain, rain, rain is how this week started. The foul weather pixies stopped me playing out on my bicycle and prevented me from cycling the Tour of the Black Country. Was really looking forward to cycling them cobbled roads and I still plan to do so - just have to wait for the nice weather pixies to come out. In view of the fact I hadn't done any exercise for 2 weeks I pushed myself out the door and ran a 5k route following the Studley Triangle. My back continued to ache from the pulled muscle and my right leg was giving me trouble too. Maybe I'm just getting old? Perhaps it was best I avoided them cobbles?
Started a new job on Tuesday - working as a nurse in a crisis intervention / home treatment team. Same day, got offered a job working in a maximum security prison. What to do? - I think I know. Cycled the reed route in the evening with Ron and he helped me consider my options.

Wednesday was a relatively naff day. Only been at my new job for 2 days but not enjoying it thus far. Today the weather was pants and flooded parts of Birmingham which resulted in my journey home (car) taking 2 and a half hours. I'd like to cycle to work but have not been able to find either a locker or a place to get changed. Once home, could see that a big box had arrived for me - inside was my new frame (and it really is a shocking pink)!

Thursday and Friday were days where nothing much happened.

Saturday and Sunday fared better! On both of these days I ran around my village (Studley). Not long or far, but over 5k on each occasion.
Less work and more of this would be nice.

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