Sunday 6 November 2016

Twenty 1

Hippy Halloween
Terrifying start to the day! It was Halloween and Lunar greeted me dressed up as a werewolf with a big spider on her head. She reminded me of Max from 'Where the wild things are'. Wow, she looked just great!
Lunar the werewolf
With all the spookiness around, it was easier to run with bouts of increased speed. Monday was certainly the day to run interval style on my work commute! The towpath and train car park were bothy fully open so a good 10k run it was. I warmed up and cooled down either side of my intervals which consisted of 4 x 3 min run with 3 min rest. Spooky!
Melody the scary princess?!
Tuesday was a kinda duathlon day. I started with a run commute into work following the no.5 route. My day ended with a bike (with hike-a-bike sections) adventure with Ron. We went looking for my Garmin but it was nowhere to be seen.

Wednesday was a day of gluttony. SJ and I converted Tesco points into Prezzo meal vouchers. We, plus our kids, ate in style. I ate too much and have become muchus porkus.

Thursday was a day for adventure. This day was spent with Roger on his tandem. 'The Beast' had been equipped with a new chain following a recent service (£250!) and looked all sparkly and new. We cycled a trip to Whitlenge Tea Rooms and back. I loved this café and we had our usual breakfasts here - most delicious. Despite this day being very cold (was frosty at start of day), a whole bunch of cyclists had cycled to this café (not as many as at the Snowdrop/Sunrise audax though) too. What's more, a number of these cyclists knew or were acquainted with Roger. He really is a legend you know! I might have been feeling the cold a little today as I was still cycling in my sandals! Our route back from the café was a little hillier and helped to keep us warm.

Friday was another 'do nothing but work' day. Everyday, it seems, I like my current job less and less. Hey Ho, I'm leaving - no stress!

I would have liked to have ran a Parkrun on Saturday but no such fun because I was at work again. No real bother, I ran 5k or so before work. My feet took me around Canon Hill Park ... and then my car took me to Maccy D's for breakfast.
Would you wild camp here?
On Sunday, Ron and I went for a short walk. This walk was really a recce to check out our potential camping spot for next week. We made our way to the Lost World but it wasn't a viable camping spot. The ground was most uneven and it was the kingdom of the badgers. The area contained much bramble and nettles too. The donkey effigy was sign enough that this was not the place to be. Not to worry, another camping spot is in my mind.

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