Sunday 29 April 2018

Saving sheep

Another relatively easy week on the training front this one. Not only did I not have the motivation to complete longer events, I had little time and something always seems to get in the way. There's something in the way...

That said, I did manage a training activity every day this week! It was nice to get a few runs in once again. Always great to cycle with my buddies.

My first day of training was with Roger and his tandem. I usually cycle to and from from Roger's domicile, however, was not able this week as Moo was sick and needed a visit to the Dr's. Once on the tandem we cycled to a great tea room in Whitlenge and back. As is our custom, we had a full English breakfast at the tea room. Roger has a few new pilots now, who are all around 6 feet tall which is great - saves me having to heighten the seat post!

The following 2 days were regular to work and back cycle commutes. I could have cycled another commute but the rain but play to that. I guess there's going to be a lot of rain in Ireland during the pending TAW. Oh why am I sure a fair weather cyclist? (That's not true - have cycled lots in the rain this year).

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were all run days. My first run was a cross country affair across the fields of Studley. The second was a road run up the Slough and back via the hospital. Final run was with the Mrs! This was SJ's first run in ages - I do hope she runs more now and hope her feet cease to be painful.
Final activity for the week was a pedal with my buddy Ron. We took our road bikes out for a (just under) 40k spin. Was great to cycle my 'Roubaix' with Ron after so long. We cycled some roads I had cycled earlier in the week with Roger and we finished by cycling an alternative hill to Ron's usual finisher on his TROAD route. Mid-way we were stopped by a bull dog looking sheep who had gone AWOL from a nearby farm. Ron consulted with some nearby folk who agreed to contact the farmer. How many rides to date have involved saving sheep?!

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