Friday 12 March 2010

Never enough

'It's never enough, never enough, however much I do'.

Another week without a swim. No skipping. Only one run. And only one cycle ride.

Completed a new running route. Named this tough route the 'High Street 8' route. It roughly follows a figure of 8 type pattern covering much of Studley, skirting past the Alex hospital in Redditch and crossing over in the High Street of Studley. Considered to be quite a lengthy route (for me) and has a mostly uphill gradient. Took 75 mins continous running to complete this course and was achey for a couple of days afterward. Is this excuse enough that no other running took place?!
The cycle was just a trek into work. Followed a familiar route and just added a short steep climb at the end. Am not particularly concerned about my poor performance this week, as tomorrow I have the 'Cheltenham Flyer' 203k audax to look forward too. I wonder if Ron is as apprehensive as I?


  1. We all have weeks like that sometimes, don't beat yourself up too much about it. It sounds like you're making good progess. Enjoy the audax!

  2. You do yourself a disservice Doo! Change the way you count your weeks and your Audax counts for this week :)
    Hope it goes alright and tell us about it soon!


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