Sunday 28 March 2010

Try, try, tri

Fairly pleased with my training efforts this week. Managed to swim, cycle and run. Training is so much easier when one has a few days off from work.

Swam at Hewell Road swimming pool. It felt good to be back in the water after so many weeks away. I expected the swim to be much harder than it really was. Suprising myself, I swam continously for duration of session.

Managed 4 cycling training sessions this week. The first was a 'Deer variation' route with Ron and John. The second was with Ron and we followed my 'naughty woods - Coughton' route. Third run took me to Evans bike shop where Scotty had her first service. Cycled back home via the Rea Valley cycle route and Arrow Valley lake. The fourth session was quite sneaky and un-planned, Ron and I cycled the 'Deer variation' route in reverse.

Ran just one training session this week. The run was the 'extended Studley triangle'. Need to focus a little more on my running really.

In addition to the above training sessions, I also competed in my second duathlon - the Tri Live duathlon at the NEC. Was pleased on the whole, particularly with my cycling. Think I should continue to put effort into my training of all 3 disciplines (run, bike and swim) as I have my first triathlon event coming up in may. My next event is another 200k audax.

Weekly totals: Swam for 45 mins; Cycled 81 miles; Ran 1 hour and 26 mins.

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